bluebells in a summer woodland

About Us

James Dixon Lead Instructor & Founder

James has a passion for wild places and wilderness environments; this is where he feels most at home. Throughout his career he has had the privilege to take clients from various backgrounds to some of the world’s most amazing and challenging environments, this drives him to be inclusive of all abilities and personal competence.

Developing people’s confidence in their own ability while educating them on the importance of the natural world and utilising nature as a resource is something he is truly passionate about, he strongly believes everyone should have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature and learn to understand and love it.

James is a qualified Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing Instructor, holds many bushcraft qualifications including the IOL Bushcraft Competency Certificate and a raft of NCFE accredited qualifications gained from the some of the worlds best schools in the subject of survival, bushcraft and wilderness living skills. James believes that the only way you can master these skills is by doing them and testing the legitimacy of that knowledge in the wild. Nature is the best teacher and will soon humble you.
He is also a qualified off-road driving instructor, shooting coach and first aid instructor.

As an expedition manager James has travelled and worked in the jungles of Borneo, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Ecuador.

He has also led desert expeditions to Morocco and Oman, the latter where he spent many months leading groups deep into the mountains and deserts as the in-country expert. As well as gaining a huge amount of experience in such varied habitats, expedition management has also developed his awareness of human threats. A factor often forgotten in world travel is preparedness and keeping groups safe whilst in-country.

While acting as the Survival and Bushcraft technical advisor on Netflix’s ‘Snowflake Mountain’, no question was too daft nor any ask too big, he always got the job done.

Working ‘on set’ brought new challenges; he was tasked with managing the entire cast, crew and safety team during the finale faze in the mountains as well as creating bespoke set design for realism and continuity during survival phases in the forest.

James has a deep affinity with the natural world and is happiest immersed in the wild.

As a qualified deer manager and tracker he has spent hundreds of hours tracking and observing wildlife while not being seen, a true skill and something only gained through years of practice.

You can rest assured, no matter the location, conditions, or threat level you will be in safe hands.

He is partial to a bribe of dark chocolate digestives and hates the dreaded ‘Blandford’ black fly!


A lifelong adventure enthusiast, Rick has been practising survival skills for as long as he can remember.

Rick is a professional outdoorsman and adventure leader, working to inspire and give people the confidence to thrive in the great outdoors.

He is most at home in the wilderness with his gear on his back or tucked in his canoe, usually accompanied by his dog Billy.