James doing a guided walk in Lythe Valley


Bushcraft and survival course in the Lake District

NEW 2022 Survival Courses

2nd April 2022

New 2022 survival training course dates now available! Limited spaces available, don’t miss out.

Instructor James teaching on a bushcraft course in the Lake District

Learning is a journey without a destination

17th March 2022

Never stop learning: Here we outline how to progress your survival training with Green Man Survival.

Kids playing in the woods

Guide to Family Friendly Bushcraft Activities

3rd March 2022

Here’s a handy guide to help you choose your bushcraft adventure this Easter!

Families building dens in the woods

Rewild Your Child

2nd March 2022

Why you should get your children outside, playing, learning and experiencing nature in all its glory! Plus a handy guide to our family friendly adventures.

Scrambling in the Lake District

Stick the Boot in

17th February 2022

The correct footwear for the environment can make all the difference.

tree bark close up detail

Barking up the wrong tree?

15th January 2022

Winter is the best time to learn your trees. If you can identify them now then you’re onto a winner in the summer.

do bears poo in the woods

Do bears poo in the woods?

28th December 2021

Spend enough time outdoors and you’ll need the loo. There’s a right way to make like a bear in the woods… Let’s look at some of them.

cumbrian river provides valuable water

Test your metal

20th December 2021

What’s the most useful survival item you can think of? It may not just be WHAT it is but also what it is MADE of that counts.

harsh snow winter environment

36.5, it’s at the core of our survival

14th December 2021

Dealing with cold is difficult when you’re poorly prepared. Do you have what it takes to survive a winter night?