James doing a guided walk in Lythe Valley


wild garlic growing in cumbrian woodland

F off, the 4 F’s of Foraging

6th December 2021

Accidentally finding a haul of oyster mushrooms or stumble across a maitake is the best feeling you can have in the woods with your trousers on.

ferro rod fire lighter

The Ferrocerium Rod

27th November 2021

The ferro rod is a survival essential, giving you the power of fire, even in the wet. It’s long lasting and easy to carry too.

selection of bushcraft wood tools

It’s a Saw subject

22nd November 2021

Of the many “sexy subjects” in the world of survival and travelling in remote areas, the humble saw is one of the most underrated.

selection of bushcraft and survival knives

Your Knife is your Life

8th November 2021

A versatile survival tool, knives give us the ability to process food, make tools, open our sarnies and the big one, MAKE FIRE.

survival instructor waist deep in snow

Pack it in!

3rd November 2021

We take a closer look back pack – the thing keeping all your gear in one place. We take a look at what to put in your pack.

fire management is key to survival

You better pick a pocket or two boy!

27th October 2021

I’m the guy who goes to your wedding in cargo pants and wearing “technical” clothing.
It is habitual to pack out my pockets and is just a way of life.

Fishing on Windermere

Why are survival skills necessary in 2021?

19th October 2021

It’s easy to feel safe when things go well but our reliance on technology and comforts can get us in trouble when things go wrong.

Survival Instructor James

Who is Green Man Survival?

15th October 2021

Whether you’re 8 or 80 you can always learn and enjoy being outside and pushing your skill set that little bit further. Our training is as real as it gets.