Bushcraft fire lighting with tinder bundle

Hostile Environment Survival Course

A 7 day reality based survival course specialising in hostile and non permissive environments in a rural setting

Group course dates: Monday 22nd August to Sunday 28th August 2022

This is unlike any other survival course in existence. Over the duration of the course you will learn the principles of survival and bushcraft while operating in a hostile environment. Although this is a structured course with learning at its centre, you will be expected to take responsibility for yourself while under the guidance of our instructor team. You will be living in the shelter you have constructed and take ownership over your own camp craft and wilderness living skills, including water procurement, cooking and personal admin. 

You will be taught by a team of specialist instructors who bring with them a raft of both military and civilian experience operating all over the globe in non permissive environments. Joining the instructor team will be Tom Blakey who brings with him 25 years of experience operating in hostile environments with elite UK armed forces. Read more about Tom here

The objective of this course is to provide participants the opportunity to learn and practice the fundamental skills of bushcraft and survival while living in a non permissive environment. With practical demonstrations and plenty of time for you to hone and apply these learned skills, putting these into practice over the duration of the course to aid in your success, you will be immersed into this scenario – it will be demanding so expect to get stuck in and work hard! 

Your fire lighting skills will be refined throughout your experience, initially mastering the fundamentals of the ferrocerium rod, and over the period of the course developing your knowledge and skills of natural tinders and firelays, culminating with fire by friction techniques and ember management. 

Mountainous environments also call for a unique set of skills. We will spend a day in the mountains of the Lake District learning navigation techniques with map and compass, and emergency procedures. 

These key areas of survival will be covered in depth alongside evening lectures: 

  • Medical 
  • Shelter 
  • Fire lighting including Dakota fire holes and low signature fires 
  • Water procurement and processing 
  • Food procurement including foraging and trapping/fishing 
  • Navigation training including map and compass skills 
  • Movement in a mountainous environment including river crossings 
  • Grab Bags and principles of 1st, 2nd and third line gear 
  • Signalling 
  • Counter tracking/ageing areas of use and avoiding detection 
  • Animal tracking 
  • Tactical movement 
  • Camouflage and concealment 
  • Escape and Evasion techniques and tools

Course Itinerary (the order of events may be subject to change, however all learning points will be covered)

Day 1 – 09:00 Arrival. Introductions, welcome brief. Shelter construction and site considerations, fire lighting session, water purification workshop.

Day 2 – Camp craft and hygiene. Safe tool use techniques. Field craft. First aid.

Day 3 – Advanced firelighting. Food procurement – tracking, trapping, fishing. Wild game preparation.

Day 4 – Mountain survival training.

Day 5 – Plant & tree ID, foraging. Dakota fire holes & low profile fires and cooking systems. Natural cordage, knots, lashing and rigging. Knife skills and tool care & maintenance.

Day 6 – Escape and evasion: Prep and planning when travelling to a hostile environment – kit and procedures. “Grey man” principles. Carriage of escape and evasion kit. Conduct after capture (do’s and don’ts). Escape planning (when, risk vs reward etc). Natural/improvised navigation. Escaping restraints. Escaping from a vehicle. Emergency signalling. Recovery procedures.

Day 7 – Break camp & depart.

All your meals are provided from lunch on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 7. These will be either cooked as a group or individually at your camp location. We can easily cater for allergies, vegans and veggies.

This is a group course open for mixed bookings, suitable for individuals. We can take a maximum group size of up to 10 people.

The course will run from 09:00 on Day 1 to approx 10:00 on Day 7.

location/meeting point

This survival & bushcraft course is run from our fixed camp deep in the forest on the shores of Windermere, in the heart of the Lake District National Park. 

Full directions will be provided with your booking confirmation.

Postcode: LA12 8NP (closest available)
Lat/Long: 54°17’02.3″N 2°56’48.9″W
What3words: broth.protected.twitching

Please see the multi-day kit list page for necessary equipment. If you wish to bring your own knife and saw feel free. You won’t need an axe or machete!


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