Master firelighting on our bushcraft courses

The Flame

Master the bushcraft fundamental of fire lighting in the wild

Spend a full day in the Cumbrian wilderness on our bushcraft course honing the key survival skill of making fire, and creating your own friction fire lighting kit (bow drill).

Based in the relative comfort of our fixed woodland camp in the Lake District National Park, you will learn the essential foundations of making fire to survive and thrive. With our training, you will leave with the confidence in knowing that you own the key skill of fire lighting in any conditions and in any wilderness setting.

The below learning points will be covered on this one day bushcraft course:

  • The fine art of material selection – tinders, kindling, fuel
  • Tool use to create kindling and process tinder
  • Fire lays
  • Modern methods including initial flame, spark and solar ignition
  • Ember management including char materials, fungi and tinder bundles
  • The mastery of friction fire lighting
  • The importance of fire and using fire as a tool
  • Fire management
  • The principles of ‘leave no trace’ including safely extinguishing and disposing of material

You will be allowed ample time to practice these skills while under the guidance of an expert survival instructor. This is a very hands-on training course that is designed to allow the learner to light numerous fires and master the fundamentals.

Expect to go home with clothes and hair full of the aroma of wood smoke and with your very own hand made friction fire lighting kit!

This experience is offered on a private booking basis for you and your group, giving you flexibility to choose the date that works best for you.
The minimum requirement is two adult tickets when booking this private activity.

This full day experience runs from 09:00 – approx 16:00.

location/meeting point

This bushcraft course is run from our fixed camp deep in the forest on the shores of Windermere, in the heart of the Lake District National Park.

Full directions will be provided with your booking confirmation.

Google Pin: 54°17’02.3″N 2°56’48.9″W 
What3words: broth.protected.twitching
Postcode: LA12 8NP(closest available) 


Tea, coffee, hot chocolate will be available throughout the day.

Please see the single day kit list page for necessary equipment.


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