Bushcraft and survival skills include tracking and trapping

The Predator

Theoretical course in Primitive survival snares and traps for Food Procurement

A one day course studying the procurement of protein in a long term survival situation. You will have the opportunity to create trap triggers and devices using basic hand tools to enable you to trap, snare and catch wild game. This course is completely theoretical and no trap will be left unattended or set for the purpose of catching an animal.

Upon meeting we will head into our private woodland. During our wander we will identify game trails and discuss the habitat and creatures using the routes.

We will then explore the below key areas of successfully procuring protein in an emergency survival situation:

  • Identifying game trails, tracking including sign, spoor and scat.
  • Understanding animal behaviour and habitat.
  • Hunting vs trapping
  • Stalking techniques
  • Types of survival snares and traps: mangle, dangle, strangle and entangle
  • Trap triggers: Spring pole traps, static snares, squirrel poles, pressure triggers, funnels
  • Processing natural fibres and producing cordage
  • Basket traps: Fishing kits, night lines, gill nets, improvised fish traps and corrals.
  • Throwing sticks, frog gigs and the reality of primitive hunting

Each participant will make all the traps and triggers using saws and knives so as to best learn the intricacies of the task. Wire snares, cordage and fishing kits including gill nets will be provided for you to practice with.

Depart and make our way back to civilisation, no animals were harmed in the making of this workshop!

This experience is offered on a private booking basis for you and your group, giving you flexibility to choose the date that works best for you. A minimum of two adults are required for each booking.

This full day experience runs from 09:00 – 16:00.

location/meeting point

This course is run from our fixed camp deep in the forest on the shores of Windermere, in the heart of the Lake District National Park.

Full directions will be provided with your booking confirmation.

Postcode: LA12 8NP (closest available)
Lat/Long: 54°17’02.3″N 2°56’48.9″W
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Tea, coffee, hot chocolate will be available throughout the experience.

Please see the single day kit list page for necessary equipment.


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