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The Tracker

introduction to wildlife tracking skills

The dark art of wildlife tracking is something of a mystery to most. Learn to truly observe and let the woods show you a tale of many journeys made by many species, including man.

Tracking is not a skill that can be mastered in a day, it takes years of careful practice and honing. However, we will try to impart as much knowledge as possible and explain the techniques used to follow and interpret the past travels of our fellow creatures.

The following key points will be covered:

  • Identifying game trails
  • Understanding habitat and successfully locating the initial track
  • Identifying the track and spoor of various animals
  • Identifying and understanding the concepts of transfer, colour change, flattening, regularity, disturbance and discardables. This will all add to your story when tracking.
  • Measuring gait, and judging size, weight and height Identifying direction and speed
  • Utilising the tracking stick
  • Pace tracking
  • Stalking techniques and moving silently
  • Counter tracking and avoiding detection
  • Wind direction and the importance of scent
  • Observation techniques and suitable lay up positions

By the end of your experience you will have a much greater understanding of the natural world and will have begun your journey as a tracker. You will never see the woods in the same light again!

This experience is offered on a private booking basis for you and your group, giving you flexibility to choose the date that works best for you. A minimum of two adults are required for each booking.

This full day experience runs from 09:00 – 16:00.

location/meeting point

This course is run from our fixed camp deep in the forest on the shores of Windermere, in the heart of the Lake District National Park.

Full directions will be provided with your booking confirmation.

Postcode: LA12 8NP(closest available) 
Lat/Long: 54°17’02.3″N 2°56’48.9″W 
What3words: broth.protected.twitching

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate will be available throughout the day.

Please see the single day kit page list for necessary equipment.


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