sharp shooting with the rifle

Bushcraft, Shooting & Woodland Archery Day

sharp shooting with the rifle

Bushcraft, Shooting & Woodland Archery Day

8th February 2023
The complete package! A full day woodland archery, shooting and bushcraft experience for all the family.
Construct your survival shelter in the woods

Extreme 24 Hour Survival Challenge

15th October 2022
Can you spend 24 hours surviving in the wilderness? Challenge yourself to create your own survival shelter and build your fire to survive in the wild.
firemaking learning how to use a ferro rod

The Thriver

21st December 2021
A full day's experience learning the key skills of bushcraft and survival with our expert instructors, such as firelighting, shelter building and more.
mountain navigation and movement course

The Mountains

20th December 2021
Spend an action packed day learning the essential skills needed to successfully survive and thrive in a mountainous environment.
ops blast caving abseiling quarry

Operation Blast Hole

20th December 2021
Join us for our most exhilarating experience to date, Operation Blast hole is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and taking the plunge, quite literally!
Survival Instructor James in Cumbria

The Woodsman’s Walk

20th December 2021
Let us take you on one of our favourite walks, an off-the-beaten-track route far from the crowds that flock to the Lake District National Park.
A picturesque lunch spot on one of our guided walks in the Lake District

A Taste of the Backcountry

20th December 2021
Join us on one of our favourite forest wanders exploring Chapel House, certainly one of the best pieces of commercial forestry in the South Lakes.
Master firelighting on our bushcraft courses

The Flame

19th December 2021
Spend a full day mastering the core skill of making fire. You will leave with the confidence of owning the key skill of fire lighting in any conditions.