Operation Blast Hole: Dare you take the plunge?

Are you looking for your next adventure? A memorable and exciting experience outside of the usual Lake District attractions? We’ve got just the thing for you!

Here’s a taste of what our Operation Blast Hole adventure entails…

Arriving to Hodge Close bright and early, surrounded by a stunning vista of iconic Lakeland fells, we meet our instructor to begin our adrenaline-filled adventure! Get kitted up, run through the safety brief, and over the edge we go! The abseil is breath-taking and a great challenge to tackle.

From the bottom of the quarry, the way out is through a dark flooded tunnel. You will get wet!

There are advantages to being tall as well as being not so tall! For taller folk, the water depth may only lap around the level of your knees, while shorter folk might be up to the tops of the thighs! However, for shorter people, there is no need to stoop to get through the tunnel!

how deep was the water
Mid-thigh deep for a 5′ 3″ adventurer!

Upon our successful escape through the tunnel, we commence our next objective of survival training. Your instructor will teach you some of the key survival skills, including fire lighting, emergency shelters, and safe water sourcing.

Once we have practiced our new survival skills, we navigate our way through another tunnel to discover the spectacular Cathedral Cave before our adventure concludes!

What are you waiting for?