Survival Instructor James

After an indelible career delivering adventure training, teaching bushcraft and leading international expeditions, James felt he had an extensive range of real-world skills he could share with others. James felt the need for a more real and pragmatic approach to teaching survival and wilderness skills, through this objective Green Man Survival was born.

James feels passionately that you should spend your life prepared. Both physically, mentally and supplied with the skills and equipment to remain very hard to kill. By travelling through the world in this way you will feel comfortable being uncomfortable and not fazed by any unplanned events that you may find yourself in.
Green Man Survival lives by a simple mantra: “No one is coming, prepare to self-rescue”

Green Man Survival offers a range of training, experiences and family friendly activities with survival skills at the core. Whether you’re 8 or 80 you can always learn and enjoy being outside and pushing your skill set that little bit further.

Our training is as real as it gets. That is something we believe strongly in.

Bushcraft and survival seem to live symbiotically in most people’s minds. However, you won’t see a leather belt pouch in sight or hear the ominous sound of a rattling bag full of woodworking tools on our courses. If you’re looking for a spoon carving course, you’re in the wrong place, titanium ones are better!

You also won’t see a band of ex-military hard men dressed in black ninja suits with rambo knives and throwing stars.

What you will find is a fast paced, reality based course run by outdoor professionals who bring a skill set derived from attending courses with the best schools in the business and then honing these skills over many years guiding clients in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Whether it be the deserts of Oman, the jungles of South America and South East Asia, the foothills of the Andes and the high peaks of the Atlas mountains our skills have been put to the test and hardened in the fire of failure and success. Oh and let’s not forget the most hostile of them all, North Wales on a wet February and being eaten alive by the dreaded Scottish midge! We have many tales of adventure to tell you around the campfire with a brew.

We will teach you:

  • how to light fires, in the rain, at night, with only a ferrocerium rod, how to build shelters, make water safe to drink, navigate by stars, moon and sun.
  • How to catch food in traps, nets and using modern fishing tackle.
  • How to move in the mountains safely and in the woods silently.
  • How to play the wind to observe deer and escape the same wind to avoid spending a freezing night in the hills.

We will also teach you how to always be prepared and expect the unexpected and plan for it. Whether you take a dunk in the river on a canoe trip or arrive in-country to find your luggage has gone to another continent, you will always carry with you the skills and knowledge to survive and thrive!