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The Survivor

a half day learning the core skills of bushcraft and survival

Spend the morning on this half day bushcraft course with Green Man Survival learning the core skills of survival in a wilderness setting, but within the relative comfort of our fixed camp on the shores of Windermere in the Lake District National Park. This bushcraft experience is fun and educational for adults and children alike.

The fundamentals of survival and bushcraft will be covered over the course of the half day’s training, including the following:

Correct clothing and the importance of carrying a simple shelter kit will be discussed – something to sleep under, in and on. Camp location and assessing risk shall be touched upon as well as the issues surrounding losing body heat through convection, conduction and radiation. After a brief demonstration you will erect your tarp shelter using the correct knots to aid in its deconstruction.

Fire is an intrinsic skill of humans. Here we will learn the skills to light fire from sparks, in British woodland and in any conditions. You will leave with the confidence that you now own this skill at the essential level.

Water is our God, without it nothing can survive. We will learn the essential skills surrounding water sourcing, filtration and purification. Using heat, mechanical filters and chemical processes you will leave with the knowledge to never go thirsty again.

Plantlore is at the core of wilderness survival skills. Foraging and the uses of flora will be utilised at every possible opportunity.

Identifying direction by Sun and stars, natural features and honing your sense of direction will be our final skill to learn.

Arriving back to civilization and our vehicles we have survived and thrived, equipped with new found bushcraft techniques and essential survival skills! Hand back in equipment, say our goodbyes and hopefully we will meet again for another wilderness adventure.

This experience is offered on a private booking basis for you and your group, giving you flexibility to choose the date that works best for you.
The minimum requirement is two adult tickets when booking this private activity.

This half day experience runs from 09:00 – approx 13:00.

Make it a Full Day! Add “The Bowman” Woodland Archery Experience to your booking!

location/meeting point

This bushcraft course is run from our fixed camp deep in the forest on the shores of Windermere, in the heart of the Lake District.

Full directions will be provided with your booking confirmation.

Google Pin: 54°17’02.3″N 2°56’48.9″W
What3words: broth.protected.twitching
Postcode: LA12 8NP (closest available)


Tea, coffee, hot chocolate will be available throughout the day.

Please see the single day kit list page for necessary equipment.


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