Two Day Wilderness Survival Course

Two Day Wilderness Survival Course

27th March 2022
Course dates open for mixed bookings: 10-11 September 2022 & 06-07 May 2023


20th January 2022
Our reality-based 2 day private survival training course will give you the skills to be self-sufficient in any wilderness environment. Immerse yourself in the challenge.
mountain navigation and movement course

The Mountains

20th December 2021
Spend an action packed day learning the essential skills needed to successfully survive and thrive in a mountainous environment.
ops blast caving abseiling quarry

Operation Blast Hole

20th December 2021
Join us for our most exhilarating experience to date, Operation Blast hole is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and taking the plunge, quite literally!
Summit view of hills

Helvellyn Highlands Adventure

20th December 2021
Join us for a tour of “the classics”. Travelling in the high Lakeland fells with the vista of the surrounding mountains for company can be a truly transformational experience.
roar stag standing in the mist

The Roar

18th December 2021
Spend the day tracking wild red deer on the Cumbrian fells, observing the stags and hinds as they begin the breeding cycle.