Instructor James teaching on a bushcraft course in the Lake District

Learning is a journey without a destination

At Green Man Survival we have developed our courses to allow you to learn all the key areas of bushcraft and survival at your own pace and on a modular platform. 

But where do we start and what could your journey look like? 

The fundamentals are key. You must have a good grasp on the skills of fire, shelter, water procurement, foraging and food procurement. By attending The Thriver one day course you will begin your journey learning all about these elements. Following completion of this course you will now have the knowledge and skills to practice on your own and really master the fundamentals. 

Taking these skills to the next level are best done with engaging in a 48 hour survival scenario. This gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the reality of survival and its challenges. 

Our two day course 48 is the perfect setting for this. You will learn more skills such as making natural cordage and further fire lighting and trapping skills as well as really honing the edge on your skill set. 

By the end of this experience you will be filled with the confidence that you can survive and thrive in the woods over a short term period. However we now find ourselves needing to have the ability to source food. 

The Tracker will enable you the opportunity to identify who is living in the environment alongside you. Identifying game trails and which animals are using them is of paramount importance to the effectiveness of snaring and trapping. Feeding sites also allow us the ability to identify hot spots where traps may prove effective. Tracking is also a fantastic vehicle to reconnect us to the natural world and will change the way you see the world, especially the woods. 

The Predator is your next step, this course will teach you all you need to procure protein from the land. Trapping and fishing techniques will be explored and you will have the opportunity to make various traps and triggers as well as trying your hand at survival fishing and net making. 

You must master fire. The Flame will allow you this opportunity. Spend the day learning all about fire lighting. Ignition sources will include Ferrocerium rods, solar and friction, making char cloth, fire management, material selection and tool use. Never be without fire again! 

Now you should have the skills to survive in the woods with confidence.

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